The Squire




Squire is multi talented – ride and drive

His passion is Dressage and loves ‘half-pass’.

His other passion is galloping through fields and always overtakes my horse. He is a very competitive chap!

He is the main character on the yard!

His antics include:

  • Holding up his feed bucket doing his best Oliver Twist impression
  • Drawing in the sand with the whip
  • Opening his stable door
  • Opening gates
  • letting all the other horses out
  • Breaking into the tack room!

He is the most vocal out of all the horses he will let you know if he is not happy.

His third passion in life is food! Favourite food: (Peeled!) Bananas

Squire has to be the naughtiest Horse on the yard. I adore his nature and his talent for Dressage.

He loves his cuddles.