Denver Colorado


15.2 hh

I stumbled across Denver on my trip back from Denver Colorado- hence the name! I fell in love with the place as I did with Denver the moment I set my eyes on her.

The sweetest horse I have ever met. Denver was only 3 when I bought her. She was still in the mischievous stage, sucking on my hair and jacket buttons!

We have a great bond; having backed Denver myself. She took it all in her stride and was a dream to work with. I have a soft spot for and very proud of how she turned out.

If I have one word to describe Denver it would have to be ‘Tigger’ as she is always happy and full of energy!
She loves all her equine and human friends.

Denver loves jumping (the higher the better!)  She adores the beach.
Also loves getting bathed!
Excels at lateral work too!

Favourite treats:  apples and pears.